Sentry bot lvl 5

"The Sentry Bot makes special bomb bots that walk out to meet the nearest enemy Troop with explosive results."


The Sentry Bot is a Defensive Structure that deploys special Bomb Bots toward enemy Troops. Sentry Bots are invisble to enemy Troops until activated. They also automatically activate and becomes visible after the Palace is destroyed or destroys 50% of the Kingdom. They do create a visible Deployment Zone, and can be located if they are by themselves.


Sentry Bots makes special bomb called Bomb Bots not Ninja Bomb. Bomb Bot attacks enemy troops while Ninja Bomb attacks Walls. Bomb Bot is coming from Sentry Bot while Ninja Bombs is coming from Ninja Tech, upgrade-able and trained.


Palace  Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Available 0 0 0 1 1 2 2 3 3 3 3 3
Structure Type Trigger Range Damage Type Targets Survivor Benefits Size
Defense 0 - 8 Splash Ground Bomb Bots 2 x 2
Level Health Damage Cost Gold Upgrade Time Palace Level Requirement Picture
1 250 15 25,000 1H 4 Sentry bot lvl 1 and 2
2 275 18 100,000 12H 5 Sentry bot lvl 1 and 2
3 300 20 250,000 2D 7 Sentry bot lvl 3 and 4
4 325 25 1,000,000 4D 9 Sentry bot lvl 3 and 4
5 350 25 3,000,000 7D 10 Sentry bot lvl 5


No Skills for now.

Survivor BenefitsEdit

When destroyed the Sentry Bot may produce 1-3 surviving Bomb Bots depending on the Sentry Bots level.

Defensive StrategiesEdit

A Bomb Bot does splash damage, which affects more than one opponent. Keeping the Sentry Bot near places were many troops would be spawned would be a good strategy to knock out as many troops as possible.

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