"Launched from Ships, Scatter Shot fires six shots that seek random targets over a wide area, with each shot doing splash damage on impact."


The Scatter Shot is the first type of ammo available. It launches 6 projectiles that each have almost the same effect as a single cannonball from a Level 10 Dragon Cannon.


Ammo Depot Level
Blast Radius Splash Damage Shots Per Slot
1 6 2.75 6

Training TimeEdit

With Training Statue placed in your Kingdom, creating Scatter Shot in your Ammo Depot will take less time based on Training Statue Level.
Level Training Time Reduction Training Time
None None 30 minutes
Wood 2% 29 minutes & 24 seconds
Stone 5% 28 minutes & 30 seconds
Gold 8% 27 minutes & 36 seconds
Jade 12% 26 minutes & 24 seconds
Sapphire 16% 25 minutes & 12 seconds
Diamond 20% 24 minutes


Level Damage Per Shot Create Cost SushiTH Upgrade Time Upgrade Cost SushiTH Training Ground
Level Required
1 30 2,500 - - -
2 54 5,000 1 day 40,000 1
3 66 8,000 3 days 400,000 3
4 75 11,150 5 days 800,000 5
5 83 15,000 7 days 1,500,000 6
6 92 18,500 9 days 3,000,000 9


Unlocking Scatter Shot Skill add extra balls to each shot. Research Lab Required.

Multi Ball: Multi Ball Scatter Shots add an additional 1-4 balls to each shot, hitting more targets.
Level Lab Level
Cost GoldTH Upgrade Time Extra Balls
1 1 400,000 16 hours 1
2 2 750,000 1 day 2
3 4 1,250,000 1 day & 12 hours 3
4 6 3,000,000 3 days 4


  • Use them on defenses/resources that are clustered together. That way it can deal damage to all nearby buildings so that way troops destroy the buildings a lot faster
  • Scatter shot has a big range on where it is attacked, pick the best area to launch you scatter shot
  • Scatter shot can damage beast/walls.


  • If you have 4 scatter shot, clicking the same area many times will only use 3 scatter shot. this is like all ammo

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