Check icon Use Samurais, 150 times in one or more multiplayer battles.

Info icon Deploy the Samurai in multiplayer battles.
+30 Xp
+7,000 Sushi

Check icon Use Samurais, 25 times in single player battles.

Info icon Deploy Samurais in single player battles.
+30 Xp
+11,000 Gold

Check icon Upgrade 2 Demon Mortars to Level 4.

Info icon Select 2 Demon Mortar and choose upgrade.
+30 Xp
+5,000 Gold

Check icon Destroy 100 Dragon Cannons in multiplayer battles.

Info icon None.
+30 Xp
+9,000 Sushi

Check icon Upgrade 1 Sentry Bot to Level 2.

Info icon Select 1 Sentry Bot and choose upgrade.
+30 Xp
10,000 Sushi

Check icon Earn 45 Stars in single player battles.

Info icon Select Attack and choose single player battle to earn Stars.
+30 Xp
+8,000 Gold

Check icon Win 5 multiplayer battles in a row.

Info icon Select attack and choose multiplayer battle to earn stars.
+30 Xp
+15 Jade

Check icon Create 10 Big Shots.

Info icon Create Big Shots at Ammo Depot.
+30 Xp
+20,000 Sushi

Check icon Loot 1,000,000 Sushi in mutiplayer battles.

Info icon Loot Sushi from Kingdoms in multiplayer battles.
+30 Xp
+20 Jade

Check icon Upgrade 1 Training Ground to Level 3.

Info icon Select Training Ground and choose upgrade.
+30 Xp
+30 Jade

Total Task RewardsEdit

300 Xp 65 Jade 46,000 Sushi 24,000 Gold

Completion Grand RewardsEdit


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