Quest Friends and Allies

The Friends and Allies Tab in the Quest Guide

Friends and Allies is a Quest given to you by the Emperor to help build your Kingdom by inviting friends to play, joining a Clan, and getting support from your Allies.


The Quest is unlocked during the Tutorial.


  1. Have 1 Ally from the Emperor's Gift.
    • +10 XP, +50 Jade
  2. Recieve 10 Speed Ups from Friends.
    • +25 XP, +50 Jade
  3. Recieve 30 Troops from the Troop Portal.
    • +25 XP, +50 Jade
  4. Have 5 Allies from the Emperor's Gift.
    • +25 XP, +100 Jade
  5. Restore the Clan Hall.
    • +75 Jade, +50 Jade
  6. Create or Join a Clan.
    • +25 XP, +50 Jade
  7. Have 20 Allies from the Emperor's Gift.
    • +50 XP, +500 Jade


Goal Rewards Total: +235 XP, +850 Jade

Completion Reward: +50 XP, +100k Sushi, +100K Gold


You can add friends to the Emperor's Gift through the Social Center pull out Gift Tab, or through the Grow function on the Emperor's Gift building.

You cannot add a friend to the Emperor's Gift who has already added you.

You can receive Speed Ups from Freinds in the Socal Center pull out Speed Up Tab, or through the Arcitect's Hut, Speed Ups-Get More function. You may only ask for Speed Ups from each Friend once per 24 hours.

The Clan Hall cannot be restored unilt your Palace is Level 3.

It costs Gold to create a Clan, but joining one is free.