Quest Assassin

The Quest Assassin Tab

This is designed to help make your army more versitile by adding the Assassin Troop and learning it's benefits.


This Quest is unlocked when you upgrade 1 Dojo to Level 2.


  1. Train 200 Assassins.
  • +5 XP, +1,500 Sushi
  1. Use Assassins 400 times in one or more multiplayer battles.
    • +5 XP, +3,500 Sushi
  2. Destroy 100 Goldsmiths in multiplayer battles.
    • +10 XP, +7.500 Gold
  3. Destroy 100 Sushi Chefs in multiplayer battles.
    • +10 XP, +7,500 Gold
  4. Use 120 Assassins in one multiplayer battle.
    • +10 XP, +1,500 Sushi
  5. Defeat 300 enemy Assassins.
    • +15 XP, +4,000 Gold
  6. Upgrade Assassin to Level 2.
  • ​+15 XP, +5,000 Sushi


Goal Rewards Total: +70 XP, +11.5K Sushi, +19K Gold

Completion Reward: +60 XP, +30 Jade


You can train 200 Assassins at any time, they do not need to be trained all at once.

You can use the 400 Assassins over any number of multiplayer battles.

You must use the 120 Assassins in one single battle. The fastest way to do this is to upgrade your Palace to Level 4 and restore both damaged Ships. Then you must have all three Ships at level 4. Fill your Ships completely full of Assassins.

You can only count defeated Assassins from battles where your Kingdom is attacked. You have very little control over when and how many Assassins attack you. You can, however, upgrade defenses to raise the chances that you will kill Assassins that attack you. You do not have to win the battle in order for the kills to count.