"Get that extra fiery Rage from your Troops by triggering their inner On fire at will with this special Ammo Shot. Targets ground Troops only."


Previously called Rage Shot, On Fire Shot targets ground troops and triggers temporary on fire status once the troops are hit. However, the shot is observed not accurate on battle fields, especially when troops are moving.

Stats Edit

Ammo Depot Level
Blast Radius Splash Damage Shots Per Slot
5 5 - 1

Training TimeEdit

With Training Statue placed in your Kingdom, creating On Fire Shot in your Ammo Depot will take less time based on Training Statue Level.
Level Training Time Reduction Training Time
None None 30 minutes
Wood 2% 29 minutes & 24 seconds
Stone 5% 28 minutes & 30 seconds
Gold 8% 27 minutes & 36 seconds
Jade 12% 26 minutes & 24 seconds


Level On Fire Duration Create Cost SushiTH Upgrade Cost SushiTH Upgrade Time Training Ground
Level Required
1 15 seconds 12,000 - - -
2 30 seconds 20,000 1,5000,000 3 days 6
3 45 seconds 30,000 2,250,000 6 days 7
4 60 seconds 45,000 3,000,000 8 days 8



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