"The Ninjas have discovered new technology to aid in battle!"


The ninjas has discovered new technology to aid in battle! Upgrading the Ninja Tech building will unlock exciting new ways to cause havoc!


  • Cost: (See table below)
  • Health: (See table below)
  • Training Capacity: (See table below)
  • Size: 4x4
  • Survivor Benefits: Yes


Level Health Cost
1 262 5,000 4H 40 Ninja Bomb Lvl 4 Ninja Tech lvl 1
2 285
25,000 12H 45
Ninjet Lvl 6 NinjaTech-lvl.2
3 310
250,000 2D 50
Healer Lvl 7 NinjaTech-lvl.3
4 330
1,500,000 7D 60
Tank Lvl 8 Ninjatech4
5 350
2,000,000 70
Big Boomer Lvl 9 NinjaTech-Lvl5


Troops created at the Ninja Tech operate in the same manner as Troops trained at the Dojo. The fill slots in your Ships' Troop Capacity, and are subject to Deployment Boundaries.

Troops obtainable Edit

  1. Ninja Bomb
  2. Ninjet
  3. Healer
  4. Tank
  5. Big Boomer

Troops not yet released Edit

  1. Mech Samurai

Survivor BenefitEdit

Once you have built the Ninja Tech you receive an extra Survivor Benefit. When your Palace or Sentry Bot are destroyed, you may receive a Surviving Ninja Bomb that will hunt down and explode next to the nearest enemy Troop.


  • The ninja tech image is dependent on the most recent troop unlocked. e.g: A level 1 ninja tech will see Ninja Bombs untrained with a headless bomb and a fuse/bomb, and a Healer has a landing pad that resembles a white cross on a red circle (the national hospital symbol).
  • Even when there are ship slots available, it won't say "Train" above the building, as the Dojo does.

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