Ninja Bomb icon

The first unit available through the Ninja Tech.

Ninja bombs are used to break walls to make an entrance. You might want to have >5 Ninja Bombs. Be careful, though. They have very low health so you might need to use a samurai to attract demon mortars and dragon cannons. The samurai won't attack much, it is just to protect the ninja bombs.


Preferred Target Attack Type Ship slots Training Time Speed Ninja Tech Level Required
Walls Melee 2 4 minutes 160 1
Level Damage (x40 against walls) Health Training Cost Research Cost Training Ground Level Required Upgrade Time
1 10 30 800 N/A N/A N/A
2 12 40 1250 80K Level 2 1D
3 15 50 1700 250K Level 4 2D
4 19 60 2200 850K Level 5 4D
5 23 70 2700 2.25M Level 7 6D
6 27 85 4300 4.5M Level 9 8D

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