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Gadget Factory Blueprint 3

Healers are the third units available from the Ninja Tech building.

IN-GAME DESCRIPTION: Flying high above the battlefield, Healers seek out wounded Troops and restore their Health with their ranged Healing Shot.


  • Health: Level Dependent
  • Healing: Level Dependent
  • Range: 12.5
  • Movement Speed: 105
  • Ship Slots: 18
  • Troop Type: Ranged
  • Target Priority: Closest
  • Training Cost: Level Dependent
  • Training Time: 15m
Level Healing Health Train Cost Training Ground Level Required Upgrade Time Cost Picture
1 80 150 4,500 - - - Healer NK
2 95
5 2D 750,000
3 105
6 4D 1,500,000
4 115
8 6D 3,000,000
5 125
? 8D? 4,000,000?


  • The Healer is an air troop, which means that it is unaffected by defenses such as Demon Mortars and Dragon Cannons.
  • It can also avoid troops that cannot attack the air.


  • Assassins can still harm Healers using their Shurikens. Defenses like the Kunai Tower and the Rocket Launcher can also harm them.

Offensive StrategiesEdit

  •  The Healer heals a group of troops. Using a large group of Samurai is a good strategy because the Samurai will destroy the defenses by will not be defeated because the Healer is backing them up. This is known as a Samurai Healer rush. A few Assassins to finish the job is good too.
  • When using a Healer, use troops that attack defenses to destroy the Rocket Launchers and other air defenses first--Especially when the attacking front is made of only land troops (e.g. samurai), rocket launchers nearly always target healers in such situation.

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