"Before Villagers learn true Ninja skills, they must serve as Grunts. Grunts seek out the nearest target and attack from close range."


Grunts are the lowest level soldier. They can be trained with a Dojo of any level. Their attacks consist of melee sickle swipes. Grunts work best when trained in groups to completely swarm and take down a building in an opponent's Kingdom!


Dojo Level
Attack Speed Attack Type Ship Slots Target
1 100 Melee 1 Closest

Training TimeEdit

With Training Statue placed in your Kingdom, training Grunts in your Dojo will take less time based on Training Statue Level.
Level Training Time Reduction Training Time
None None 15 seconds
Wood 2 % 14 seconds
Stone 5 % 14 seconds
Gold 8 % 13 seconds
Jade 12 % 13 seconds
Sapphire 16 % 12 seconds
Diamond 20 % 12 seconds


Level Health Damage Training
Cost Sushi
Cost Sushi
Training Ground
Level Required
Upgrade Time
1 42 8 15 - - -
2 50 10 40 30,000 1 12 hours
3 53 12 65 150,000 3 1 day
4 58 15 90 550,000 5 2 days
5 61 17 115 1,600,000 6 4 days
6 65 19 140 3,500,000 9 6 days


Unlocking Grunt Skill increases its movement speed and takes less damage from Mortar shells. Research Lab Required.

Fleet Footed: Grunts with Fleet Footed dash across the battlefield with 5-35% enhanced movement speed.
Level Lab Level
Cost Gold Upgrade Time Bonus Speed
1 1 50,000 2 hours 5%
2 1 100,000 4 hours 10%
3 2 200,000 10 hours 15%
4 2 400,000 16 hours 20%
5 3 750,000 1 day 25%
6 4? 1,000,000 1 day & 6 hours 30%
7 6 ? 2 days & 12 hours 35%
Blast Resistant: Blast Resistant Grunts shrug off 10-70% of damage from the explosive power of Mortar shells.
Level Lab Level
Cost Gold Upgrade Time Bonus Resist
1 2 100,000 10 hours 10%
2 2 200,000 16 hours 20%
3 3 400,000 1 day 30%
4 3 750,000 1 day & 6 hours 40%
5 4 1,000,000 1 day 12 hours 50%
6 5 1,500,000 2 days 60%
7 6 ? ? 70%

Offensive StrategiesEdit

  • The advantage of this unit is that they have strength in numbers. Use the first five to take out traps/fill traps, then send the rest in and watch the magic! However, try to kill Demon Mortars first or use Samurai to attract the mortars, or the grunts will quickly die, unless you use level up grunts.
  • A variation on the strategy above is to use a Thief take out traps as the thief will rush through the traps without being blown up. Then, send in all your grunts at once. You can put them in different places, but make sure to have at least 20 grunts in each place. This is a low level strategy that only works against lower level opponents, and is not advised to be used against opponents with a Palace that is level 4 or above.
  • Another similar strategy is to have your Ammo Depot stocked with Big Shots to take out Demon Mortars and Storm Towers that deal splash damage. Concentrating them on one breaching point once all threats are gone is one easy and cheap way to raid and even win with a flawless victory. Be careful though if a base has a high level Beast, as these units can easily take out a wave of grunts. If available to you, consider using a Beast Shot (if you were able to join the event) to soften up or take the Beast(s) out.

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