Statue tournament

"The Tournament Statue earns you extra Runes in battle during the Challenges. Keep upgrading the Tournament Statue to earn more Runes in battle!"


Events are challenges where you need to complete 3 Quest Events. Aside from that, there is a Tournament Statue that you need to upgrade to specific Level to complete the Quest. Tournament Statue also earns you extra Runes in battle while the Event is still ongoing.


Runes are resources that is only available during the Event. Though it doesn't have any value, it is required to complete certain Quest Event. During the event, you earn Runes by earning at least one star. To get maximum Runes during battle, you need to destroy your opponent's Tournament Statue. Bonus Runes are given when you upgrade your Tournament Statue. You also get Bonus Runes by Boosting your Tournament Statue and by attacking players with Palace equal or higher than yours. Penalties are given when you attack other players with Palace lower than yours. And the worst is you get negative Runes if you drop your trophies too much during the Event. You also get negative Runes if you only destroy less than 25% during battle.

Tournament StatueEdit

Health Bonus Runes Boost Cost
Per Level
Upgrade Jade
Total Per
Total Gold
Speed Up
With 3
Speed Up
1-10 +5 345 +1 10 500 1 1,000 5m 1 Finish
11-20 +5 395 +1 20 1,250 2 2,500 10m 2 ?
21-30 +5 445 +2 40 5,000 5 10,000 15m 4 ?
31-40 +5 495 +2 60 25k 25 50,000 30m 8(7) ?
41-50 +5 545 +3 90 50k 50 100k 1H 16(15) 4(3)
51-60 +5 595 +3 120 75k 75 150k 2H 24(23) 17(16)
61-70 +5 645 +4 160 100k 100 200k 4H 40 34
71-80 +5 695 +4 200 125k 125 250k 8H 74 63
81-90 +5 745 +5 250 150k 150 300k 12H 107 92
91-100 +5 795 +5 300 250k 250 500k 1D 208 177

Note : Jade amount inside the parenthesis are deducted amounts after Finish Button clicked.

List of EventsEdit

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