Dragon cannon lvl 12

"The Dragon Cannon is a fast firing, accurate weapon that damages enemy ground Troops."


The Dragon Cannon is the 1st defensive weapon available to your Kingdom. It has a steady rate of fire with medium damage. It can target only one enemy unit at a time. It has a medium range, and it attacks Ground Troops only.


Palace  Level 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
Available 2 2 2 3 3 4 4 5 5 6 6 6
Structure Type Range Attack Speed Damage Type Target Survivor Benefits Size
Defense 0 - 10 1 at a time Single Ground Ninja*
3 x 3

Note *: Dragon Cannon At Level ? to 11

Note **: Dragon Cannon At Level 12


Level Health Damage Cost Gold Upgrade Time Palace Level Requirement Picture
1 400 8 200 5m 1 Dragon cannon lvl 1
2 450 10 1,000 10m 1 Dragoncannon2
3 500 12 4,000 1H 2 Dragoncannon3
4 550 15 15,000 2H 3 Dragoncannon4
5 575 20 60,000 8H 4 Dragoncannon5
6 600 25 120,000 12H 5 Dragoncannon6
7 625 33 250,000 1D 6 Dragoncannon7
8 650 38 500,000 2D 7 DragonCannon-lvl8
9 700 45 1,000,000 3D 8 Dragon cannon lvl 9
10 725 52 1,750,000 5D 9 Dragon cannon lvl 10
11 750 60 2,500,000 7D 10 Dragon cannon lvl 11
12 775 67 3,000,000 8D 12 Dragon cannon lvl 12


Unlocking Dragon Cannon Skills make it fire at greater range than usual and deals extra damage of mechanized enemies than usual. Research Lab Required.

Rifled Barrels: Cannons with high tech Rifled Barrels can strike enemies at greater range, increasing range by 0.2-1.4 units.
Level Lab Level
Cost Gold Upgrade Time Increase Range
1 1 50,000 2H 0.2
2 1 100,000 4H 0.4
3 2 200,000 10H 0.6
4 2 400,000 16H 0.8
5 3 750,000 1D & 6H 1.0
6 3 1,250,000 2D 1.2
7 3 2.500.000 4D 1.4
Tech Buster: Special Tech Buster ammo allows Cannons to smash through mechanized enemies dealing 10-30% extra damage.
Level Lab Level
Cost Gold Upgrade Time Extra Damage
1 2 100,000 12H 10%
2 2 200,000 18H 15%
3 3 400,000 1D 20%
4 3 750,000 1D & 12H 25%
5 4 1,000,000 2D 30%

Defensive UseEdit

  • Put them outside as the first tower and put Bomb Traps, Pit Traps, Ice Trap, etc. to block off a wave of troops.
  • Place them outside to trick units into attacking the turret so other defense get more time to kill off the troops. The Dragon Cannon has one of the highest health for a defensive building.
  • Surround the cannon with Walls. Other players will waste Ninja Bombs to get through.
  • Higher Dragon Cannon levels can one-shot troops such as Assassins and Thieves.
  • Put traps beside the Dragon Cannon to let them defeated.

Countering StrategiesEdit

  • Use many units to destroy Dragon Cannons because it can only kill one unit at a time
  • Since it is unable to attack air troops, air troops can wipe out a Dragon Cannon in seconds.
  • Troops that auto-target defenses can easily destroy a Dragon Cannon.

Sprite GlitchEdit

Survivor Glitch

Dragon Cannon Sprite Glitch

If a defending Oni attacks enemy Troops with his special Jump attack, and lands correctly next to a Dragon Cannon, the top of the Cannon may be displaced (because the Jump attack has a knock back attribute). When this occurs, the Dragon Cannon is not damaged, but the top portion will continue to swivel and attack even though it does not appear to be attacked to the base. This sprite also takes up space like a normal Troop, thus, other Troops will spread out around it, leaving it in it's own area (since sprites can move through each other, but not stop occupying the same space). This results in mobs of Troops attacking the base of the Dragon Cannon, but not filling in the space where the top portion is occupying. If the base is destroyed, the top portion will explode as well. The Dragon Cannon acts in all other aspects the same.

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