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Clan Hall Level 1

A Clan Hall is used to join or create a Ninja Clan. 

Stats Edit

  • Cost: 25,000 Gold (To restore)
  • Health: Level Dependant
  • Size: 5x5
  • Survivor Benefits: No
  • Note: Starts Broken
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A Broken Clan Hall

Benefits and LevelingEdit

The Clan Hall allows you to join or create an Ninja Clan. Being in a Ninja Clan  allows the construction of additional Walls (+5 x 6), Clan Bomb, Clan Big Bomb and Princess Statue. In order to get these you and the other clan members need to invest gold and sushi in order to obtain said items.

The Clan Hall levels up depending on how much your clan progresses. Your Ninja Clan can progress in several ways:

  • You can assist another member of the clan when he/she is under attack or is attacking someone.
  • You can contribute to the goals of the clan by investing sushi or gold in Walls, Clan Bomb, Clan Big Bomb and Princess Statue.

Leveling up the Clan Hall increases the strength of the Clan Troops; the troops you or other clan members send to assist in a battle. 


Level Health

Cost (Gold)

Clan Troops



1 285 (+235) -


- 5 x Assasins Lv. 1

380 (+?)

- 5 x Grunt Lv. 2


- 3x Ninja Lv. 2

475 (+?)

- 2x Samurai Lv. 1

475 (+0)

- 5 x Assassin Lv. 3

475 (+0)

- 2 x Samurai Lv. 2



475 (+0)

475 (+0)

475 (+0)



5x Grunt Lv. 4

3x Ninja Lv. 4


Goals GoalEdit


Total Contribute
Wall (+5) Sushi 1000 +1,000
Wall (+5) Sushi 50,000 +2,000
Wall (+5) Sushi 200,000 +5,000
Wall (+5) Sushi 500,000 +10,000
Wall (+5) Sushi 750,000 +25,000
Clan Bomb Gold 5,000,000 +25,000
Clan Big Bomb Gold 25,000,000 +100,000
+1 Clan Capacity Gold 50,000,000 +500,000
Princess Statue Gold 100,000,000 +1,000,000

When a Goal has been reached only the top three contributors remain in the information about the the object that the clan has invested in, the amount of gold/sushi that each player(including the three that remain) has contributed is no longer vizable once the goal has been reached.


When you repair the Clan Hall This is the information you are given about having or being part of a clan:

Join a clan with your friends (new or old), earn clan defences and win weekly prizes!
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Possibilities of having a clan

  • Receive troop support in battle
  • Work on clan goals to unlock clan prizes.
  • Battle for supremacy on the clan leaderboards and win free jade
  • Talk strategy with clan chat
  • Get to be better than the rest

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