Big Bomb Trap

Big Bomb Trap

The Big Bob Trap is a more powerful version of the Bomb Trap. Once placed, it becomes invisible to attacking forces until they walk into it's trigger range. Once an enemy Troop triggers the Big Bomb Trap, it has a 2 second timer and then explodes dealing damage to any enemy Troop within the trigger range. Once triggered the Big Bomb Trap must be rearmed before it can be used again. Big Bomb Traps will kill off any lower level Troops instantly, and cause severe damage to higher level Troops. The Big Bomb Trap does not alter the enemy's visible Deployment Zone, but Troops may not be deployed on top of it.


  • Arming Cost: 5,000 Gold Coins
  • Size: 2x2
  • Range: 3
  • Damage: 300
  • Target: Ground
  • Type: Splash
  • Structure Type: Trap

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